Ranks aboard ship

Briitish Lascars
a) Deck Bosun Serang
Bosun's Mate Tindal
Quartermaster Seacunny
Carpenter Mistree
Lamptrimmer Kussab
Able Seaman First Class Lascar
Ordinary Seaman Second Class Lascar
b) Engine Room Donkeyman Serang *Note 1
- Tindal * Note 2
Apprentice Topas
c) Saloon Second Steward Butler * Note 3
d) Catering Cook Bhandary


* 1. In larger vessels, such as those of P & O , there was a European Donkeyman and the Serang was separate, but equal, petty officer.
* 2. No equivalent. The Storekeeper, who would normally be next in line to the Donkeyman, was invariably a European. The Tindal usually stood his watch with the Chief Engineer from 0800 to noon and 2000 to midnight.
* 3. In smaller vessels, such as those of the Strick Line, the Butler was also Chief Steward. He had the same rights of engagement and control over the Stewards as the Serangs had in their departments.

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